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Code for blank state panel data

2 minute read

Create panel data for independent states, using either the Gleditsch and Ward (G&W) or Correlates of War (COW) state lists. I use these as a template for...

Time to learn Python

less than 1 minute read

Apparently Python is taking over the world (from a post by Tal Yarkoni):

Taking over the world

1 minute read

I work as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Ward Lab here at Duke University. The Lab currently consists of Mike Ward, me, and a group of very smart graduate stud...

Quick background maps in R

1 minute read

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you want to plot something fast. Last week I had some coordinates associated with event data that I was hoping were all from ...

Database adventures

1 minute read

Recently I’ve set up both a PostgreSQL and MySQL server to host databases related to some of our projects in the Ward Lab. I should note that I have no idea ...